Brand new platform for Muchachomalo

We have developed the new webshop for Muchachomalo on the Salesforce Commerce Cloud platform. We have created a platform that is ready for the expansion plans of Muchachomalo. The platform gives the team the flexibility to play with the look and feel and the extensive promotional options. With the new platform Muchachomalo is able to tell it's stories. Stories that are inspired by real life and real feelings – what’s happening in the world, what’s on people’s minds, or even the simple beauty of an age or a place.

Why we love this project

We love stories! We are very pleased to assist Muchachomalo in telling it's stories and to help spread the word.

What we have done

  • Realization of Salesforce Commerce Cloud webshop
  • Integration with Becosoft
  • Implement Pagedesigner
  • Integrate Paazl and Adyen

About Muchachomalo

Muchachomalo, Spanish for bad boy is authentic. it is inspired by the Spanish ‘estilo de vida, carpe diem y corazon’: Seize the day with all your heart, and make anything you want, possible!

His inner-rebel walks the line between being naughty and playful. He is confident. Knows his mind. Focused on reaching his goals, he does not shy away from risks. As a natural leader, his ideas and enthusiasm resonate with others. He works hard and blows off steam on adventure weekends. He’s rarely alone. Friends appreciate him for his courage and honesty. Women find him desperately appealing. He is charming. Takes care of himself. He is independent and a bit mysterious. The Muchachomalo man inspires and surprises. And like most men, he never ‘really’ grows up…that little ‘Bad Boy’ sparkle is never far from the surface.

Want to know more about this project?

Arjen Bultje

Arjen Bultje
Managing Director
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