360 customer engagement for Stichd

Customer Service has become more and more important for Stichd, certainly with the launch of it's Formula 1 platform that we have build for them on Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Stichd wanted to create a 360 customer view of it's customers to be able to deliver a more personalized customer service experience to increase the customer satisfaction. To make this possible we have implemented a flexibile and scalable Salesforce Service Cloud solution and integrated it with Commerce and Marketing Cloud and with our OMS solution.

Why we love this project

It was great to setup a flexible and scalable solution for Stichd that gives Stichd the possibility to acces full 360 degree profiles of their customers. A great extension on their growing digital ecosystem.

What we have done

  • Implementation of Service Cloud including Digital Engagement
  • Integration with Commerce Cloud
  • Integration with Marketing Cloud
  • Integration with our OMS solution
  • Integration with Cloudtalk

About Stichd

We work together with international A-brands to create exceptional products in the categories, underwear, socks, swimming clothing and motorsport merchandising. It is our goal to create experiences that matters because it connects our brands, retails and consumers, to understand their needs and to tailor our approach to that. That is how we make a difference.

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Arjen Bultje

Arjen Bultje
Managing Director

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