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E-commerce Development

We develop enterprise level webshops. We have done over 20 successful implementations for a diverse set of clients. We believe in proven technology combined with controlled experimentation. We have extensive experience ranging from designing and developing complex web platforms, enterprise webshopsand apps. We aim to give our clients a omnichannel channel solution with a 360˚ customer view. 

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Customer Service

A great webshop is nothing without great customer service.

Customer Service has become more and more important. Customers are demanding more and faster service. We develop customer service solutions with Salesforce Service Cloud. We give our clients 360 degree customer overview and the possibility to engage via all available channels with customers. This way we enable our clients to deliver Connected, Personalized, Intelligent and Empowered customer service. 

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E-commerce Design

Our digital team designs and builds unique online e-commerce experiences. Based on user experience research and implementing best practices we create flawless buying experience that reinforces your brand and converts. 

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Omnichannel Realisation

Our Omnichannel Retail Platform (ORP) is our state of the art cloud-based platform that reinvents retail sales productivity. This software solution enables retailers to manage their stock, product info & orders across all online and offline sales channels. ORP transforms the silos of web, stores, and marketplaces into a seamless omnichannel world.

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Through our years of experience working at and working with very diverse retailers we know the challenges of running an e-commerce organization. Our consultants help you to get the most out of your e-commerce platform. From strategy to execution.

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Service Management

Our Service Management department is there to make sure our clients and the applications we have build are supported and serviced. This ranges from support during and after office hours to doing projects.  

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